CPW’s Glenn Brown and Lydia de la Torre were recently interviewed by Vixio regarding the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (“VCDPA”), which establishes a series of consumer privacy rights, including the right to access the data businesses collect, request deletion of that information, and correct inaccuracies.  As Glenn explains, “[t]he drafting of the Virginia bill was certainly informed by businesses’ experience with the CCPA and the challenges with it.”  This is because, he notes, the CCPA’s definition of “sale,” described as an exchange of personal information for monetary or “other valuable consideration,” raised many questions on how it affects online targeted advertising or digital advertising.  By contrast,  Virginia makes compliance easier by providing a clearer definition when describing “sale” as the exchange of personal data for monetary consideration only.  For an overview of key issues anticipated with the VCDPA, be sure to check out Glenn’s and Lydia’s great insights.