After advancing steadily in their respective legislatures the first few months of 2021, the Oklahoma Computer Data Privacy Act has seemingly died (at least for the time being), and the Washington Privacy Act may run into similar roadblocks it faced in prior years.  CPW’s Kyle Fath covers this development and its broader implications in a detailed analysis here.  As he notes “[t]his year marks the third year that a version of the Washington Privacy Act (WPA) has been introduced in the state’s legislature. Prior versions from 2019 and 2020 died due to disagreement over consumer private right of action, mostly along party lines. The 2021 WPA, as introduced in January, included a private right of action with statutory damages of $7,500 per violation. The private right of action was ultimately removed from the bill and was not included in the version of the bill passed by the Senate in early March.”

Be sure to check it out.  And for developments in this area, continue to stay tuned.  CPW will be there.