Join Elliot Golding, a data privacy partner at SPB along with Joanne Charles (Microsoft) and Trinity Car (eHealth) for a must-attend webinar sponsored by the ABA next Thursday, September 9, at 1 pm EST.

In this era of digital health, the panelists will look “beyond HIPAA” and highlight other federal and state laws governing health information. They will explore the laws that relate to health information other than HIPAA and provide risk management strategies. Their session will focus on: Research and data analytics covering federal laws (the Common Rule) and state privacy laws (CCPA and biometrics); vulnerable populations, including children (subject to COPPA, FERPA, etc.), and sensitive health information (mental health and substance use disorders); Advertising and communication issues subject to federal laws (CAN-SPAM and TCPA), state laws (CCPA) and industry (DAA) standards.

Registration is available here