On Tuesday, November 23rd from 10:15-11 am EST CPW’s Elliot Golding will be moderating a panel regarding transatlantic health research challenges with industry experts from Microsoft (Geff Brown), Philips (Hans Hofstraat) and Novartis (Alexandre Entraygues).  The conference will have many other interesting sessions, including an all-star list of additional speakers, including Lydia F de la Torre and Ricard Martínez Martínez.  CPW highly encourage anyone interested in this space to attend (the conference is free). Online registration is available here: https://esdeveniments.uv.es/74334/detail/healthcare-research-_-a-transatlantic-and-trans-european-dialogue-seminar.html

As summarized in greater detail on the registration page:

Whether you live in Europe or the United States, everybody should be able to benefit from advances in healthcare and medical research if there is to be a lasting impact for society and humanity. Regulators, researchers, tech experts, patient organizations and key stakeholders have considered the need for a functional model that enables medical advances and the use of data in the fields of healthcare and biomedical research across Europe and the United States. One clear example has been the response to the pandemic, where research on COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of data sharing for the common good.

There are key regulatory challenges that need to be addressed by this community to truly deliver for patients and their healthcare systems. These challenges are not restricted to data protection regulation and entail a broader discourse that includes solutions that enable the responsible use of big data and artificial intelligence techniques in the healthcare sector to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.

In this context, the Microsoft-Universitat de Valencia Privacy and Digital Transformation Chair invites you to participate in the Healthcare Research: a transatlantic and Trans-European Dialogue Summit on November 23. The event will feature key experts from both sides of the Atlantic and will address the key challenges and opportunities that healthcare systems encounter when developing data sharing models and bringing scientific research to the next level on both sides of the Atlantic.