Many states this year are contemplating legislation and/or regulation in regards to biometric information and New Jersey is no exception.  This month Acting Attorney General Andrew J. Bruck announced the launch of an online portal soliciting comment from the public on regulating the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement in New Jersey for investigative purposes.  The AG’s press release regarding this development states:

As the accuracy of facial recognition technology has increased in recent years, so too has its use. Law enforcement agencies contend that this technology, when used properly, can lead investigators to suspects who would have otherwise remained unidentified. At the same time, critics warn that this technology, when used improperly, can undermine privacy and reinforce biases against people of color. The Office of the Attorney General seeks to establish a statewide policy on the use of facial recognition technology that balances law enforcement’s legitimate interests in solving crimes with the public’s concern about a fast-evolving technology. The portal announced today is designed to solicit the views of stakeholders as the Office considers various policy options.

Comments can be submitted through an online portal available here and must be received by March 11, 2022.  For more on this stay tuned.  CPW will be there to keep you in the loop.