On January 25, 2022, the International Institute of Communications (IIC) will bring together industry thought leaders to discuss the European Commission’s first legal framework on the application of artificial intelligence – the draft Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act).

Chair of the IIC’s Brussel’s chapter, Rosa Barcelo, and an esteemed group of panelists from the European Commission, European Data Protection Supervisor, Belgian Data Protection Authority and leading international companies, including Mastercard, Microsoft, Facebook, and Snap, will explore the AI Act and examine its potential impact on business and regulatory compliance. Topics to be covered at the online event include:

  • The European approach to AI. What should the AI legal framework achieve in terms of policy goals?  What are the challenges?  What is the timetable?
  • How do companies use AI and to what extent will they be impacted by the proposed AI Act?
  • AI, data protection impacts and overlaps, if any, with the GDPR.  How may the AI and GDPR programs’ implementation interplay?
  • Will the European approach to trustworthy AI influence AI governance and regulation in other parts of the world?

The IIC helps policymakers and regulators find the best regulatory and policy frameworks for the widest societal benefit. It is the only independent international forum that brings together statutory national regulators, global commercial operators and end-user representatives in a collegiate, neutral environment to debate policy issues.

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