Merging disparate data sources (e.g., consumer-generated health data, research data, HIPAA-regulated data, etc.) and using digital health tools (such as mobile apps, and data hubs) enables more educated, actionable decision-making. However, such practices also implicate nuanced privacy requirements (beyond HIPAA), complicated contracting considerations, and other business risks.

At the Privacy + Security Forum’s upcoming Spring Academy, Elliot Golding will discuss using digital health technologies and data-driven solutions to better support patient care, conduct research, and support other business needs. Elliot’s esteemed co-panelists include:

  • Mohammad Amer, Senior Counsel, Genentech | A Member of the Roche Group
  • Joanne Charles, Senior Corporate Counsel, Microsoft
  • Kezia Cook-Robinson, Senior Privacy Counsel, Verily Live Sciences

Spring Academy is in session starting March 23, 2022. Click here for complete details.