Data privacy is a top-of-mind issue in 2022, and biometric privacy and issues relating to artificial intelligence (AI) have been subject to recent scrutiny from state and federal government officials and legislators. These topics also continue to be areas of focus in the realm of putative privacy class action litigations.

Partners Kristin Bryan and Kyle Fath, as well as senior associate David Oberly, will provide an overview of key developments and trends in this developing area of the law. This will include, among other matters:

  • AI and privacy compliance – An overview of restrictions on and obligations with respect to AI, profiling and other automated decision-making processes under forthcoming privacy laws in California, Virginia, Colorado and Utah.
  • AI and biometrics litigation overview – An overview of the current litigation landscape concerning biometric data and AI, as well as related insights.
  • State legislative priorities – Approaches states are taking to the use of facial recognition technology.
  • Anticipated federal developments – Proposed federal legislation concerning biometrics, AI and other anticipated developments in 2022.

CLE is pending in the following jurisdictions: AZ, CA, NJ, NY, OH and TX.  Registration is available here.