Tune in today! Hear CPW’s APAC Partner Scott Warren discuss the latest data privacy and cybersecurity issues in Asia as part of Global Privacy Podcast’s four-part series hosted by Nadia Ishaq. Episode 1 is available now and covers what Scott has coined, ‘The Data Privacy Continuum.’ Here he provides ways to break down data privacy laws into similar themes and concepts, which help to create a strategy for dealing with their complexity across regions.

Episode 2, set for release on May 5, will address the new China Personal Information Protection Law. In subsequent episodes, Scott will highlight other key data privacy laws around the region, including Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

Feel free to email scott.warren@squirepb.com with any questions once you have had a chance to listen.

Below are the links for the episode (which is also available on Amazon Music and Google Podcast):

Weblink: https://bit.ly/3jVpePD

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/38oY1Ci

Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/3rVyRlv