At the recent annual meeting of the French Association of Personal Data Protection Correspondents (AFCDP), CPW’s Stephanie Faber presented the latest changes on data privacy in the US (providing a global overview with details on data protection for consumers in five states, requirements for opt out and OOPS, the Federal bill, initiatives of the FTC and the possible timeline for the new US EU framework of exchange of personal data ) and in China (covering the data security act, cybersecurity act, PIPL with details on the localization requirements and international transfers).

The AFCDP is the largest French association for privacy professionals and is also the founding member of the CEDPO (the Confederation of European Data Protection Organisations).

It is clearly a challenge for DPOs based in the EEA to keep up with all the new laws around the world, and the audience expressed how keen they are to better understand the trends and the differences especially for countries like the US and China, with which French companies have important business relations and data flows. Several questions were asked about the difference in scope of such laws when compared to GDPR, and whether the right to privacy could become a constitutional right in the US.

Thanks to the collective working knowledge and know-how of the firm’s global Data Privacy, Cybersecurity & Digital Assets team, Stephanie was able to share valuable insights on these laws and the implementation of regulations and standards.

The presentation will be provided in replay by the AFCDP for those who could not attend in person.