At Security and Privacy Bytes, Alan Friel and Niloufar Massachi have a detailed, must-read analysis of two recent New York biometric laws, both of which set forth requirements when it comes to processing of biometric data that expand consumers’ rights.  As they explain “[r]egulations governing biometric data collection, use, and processing have already been complex and strict with the Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act (“BIPA”) as well as the biometrics laws in Washington and Texas.  BIPA, which has a private right of action, has generated a flood of class action litigation.  New York City has recently added to the mix by passing two new biometrics laws, the Tenant Data Privacy Act (“TDPA”) and an amendment to the New York City Administrative Code (“NYC Administrative Code”).”

You can review their assessment here.  And stay tuned-CPW’s Kristin Bryan will be providing an overview of changes on the horizon for New York data privacy litigation as a result of this development.