CPW’s Kristin Bryan was interviewed recently by Global Data Review (GDR) regarding an Ohio privacy bill under consideration.  As noted by GDR “[t]he Ohio Personal Privacy Act (OPPA) has support from government and business stakeholders, but privacy groups have yet to enter the fray. Introduced 28 September in the Ohio House Government Oversight Committee, OPPA would provide state residents with GDPR-like legal rights to access, correct, delete, and opt out of sale for their personal data.”  She commented that the “OPPA is the state’s attempt to push standards that provide baseline protections while not hampering industry” and “[t]his bill would be a definitive line in the sand for Ohio taking a different approach from other states in providing baseline privacy protections to Ohio residents, while also trying to balance legitimate business concerns regarding litigation risk and other potential liabilities that can flow from having to comply with the law,” she said.

You can read the full article below and check out CPW’s prior coverage of the OPPA here.

Global Data Review – Ohio data bill would apply NIST privacy standards