The American Bar Association has published A Practical Guide to Cyber Insurance for Businesses, which is now available here.  As summarized on the ABA’s website:

While there are many books about cybersecurity, data privacy and related issues, there are very few, if any, books about cyber insurance. A Practical Guide to Cyber Insurance for Businesses, fills that void and provides a practical look at cyber insurance for different types of businesses.  This book is divided into two parts. The first eight chapters focus on the development of cyber insurance and various aspects and elements of cyber insurance that affect all industries, including how cyber insurance interacts with other commercial insurance coverage. Chapters nine through twenty-five take a closer look at the cyber risks and cyber insurance coverage needs for specific industries. In this way, the unique characteristics of each industry segment are highlighted and a review of cyber insurance for that industry segment is more focused. While not every possible industry segment is covered, the broadness of the industries covered should provide guidance to any business.

CPW’s Kristin Bryan is the coauthor of one chapter in the book concerning risk management for private and publicly traded companies, with a focus on what the next couple of years may bring in this space.  This includes emerging risks to officers and directors on the cybersecurity front, considerations implicated by COVID, and regulatory developments.

For more on data privacy, security and innovation, stay tuned.  CPW will be there to keep you in the loop.