The California Privacy Protection Agency (“CPPA”) will host its next public meeting on Thursday, May 26, 2022 at 11AM PT. Members of the public may attend in person or virtually by following these instructions. CPPA Director Ashkan Soltani will provide an update on the CPPA’s hiring, budget, and rulemaking activities.  Importantly, subcommittees will provide more information on the course of action for the upcoming rulemaking process as well as information regarding the anticipated rulemaking draft.

In February, the CPPA expressed its strategy to host informational preliminary hearings in order to ensure that the rules they adopt adequately address the most prevalent issues in consumer privacy, and anticipated that the rulemaking process, including formal period public hearings, would commence in the third quarter and continue into the fourth quarter of 2022. Earlier this month, the CPPA held a pre-rulemaking stakeholder session during which it heard public comments on automated decision-making, with most comments focusing on: (1) the type of automated decision-making activities that should be regulated; (2) consumer rights relating to the use of automated decision-making technology; (3) consumer opt-out rights relating to automated decision-making; and (4) alignment with the General Data Protection Regulation and other regulatory schemes.

Although final Regulations are not anticipated until sometime in early 2023, the California Privacy Rights Act amendments to the California Privacy Protection Act (“CCPA”) will go into effect in January 2023. Businesses should therefore monitor CPPA rulemaking activities to ensure they are aware of how the lead CCPA enforcement agency interprets the CCPA’s requirements, and to glean insight into the agency’s potential enforcement priorities