By now, most CPW readers are very familiar with the term “BIPA”—the acronym used for Illinois’s game-changing biometric privacy law, which has led to a barrage of class action litigation pursued against companies that use biometric data in their commercial operations. BIPA is not, however, the only biometric privacy law on the books that presents legal risks to companies that leverage the benefits of biometrics. Included among the additional regulation governing the use of biometric data are Texas’s Capture or Use of Biometric Identifier Act (“CUBI”) and Washington’s HB 1493 biometric privacy statute.

David Oberly examines how these two laws stack up against BIPA and provides concrete compliance tips for companies to effectively build out comprehensive biometric privacy programs to manage and mitigate the full range of legal risks and associated liability exposure that extend beyond those posed by Illinois’s draconian biometrics statute in this Biometric Update Industry Insights article: Beyond BIPA: Mitigating Biometric Data Legal Risks Under Texas and Washington Biometrics Laws.