The scale, pace and far-reaching consequences of technological change present significant challenges to lawmakers and regulators around the world. The transformative economic and commercial potential of artificial intelligence and the real-world impact of autonomous and connected vehicles and the internet of things come with significant implications for privacy, intellectual property rights and cybersecurity. To help you navigate the complex landscape of digital markets, privacy laws and network security, we are delighted to launch our Privacy Law Podcast.

In our first two episodes we look at the unfolding story of generative AI. Our Madrid-based partner Bartolome Martin explains why EU data protection authorities are concerned about the privacy implications and the risk of bias and discrimination stemming from the huge quantities of data required for AI training models. Legal technologist Jonathan Bowker cuts through the hype and mythology to explain why generative AI has a tendency to “hallucinate”, and sets out the data preparation and information governance measures that must be in place before enterprise AI can be safely deployed.

Over the series we talk to colleagues, clients and contacts about the legal and practical challenges at the cutting edge of emerging technology, giving you the latest insights from our global Data Privacy, Cybersecurity and Digital Assets team. Join us here to begin the journey.