In case you missed it, on Tuesday May 25 CPW hosted its first-ever virtual webinar jointly with Squire Patton Boggs’ Global Supply Chain blog  The webinar focused on the Colonial Pipeline hack and a putative class action that was filed in federal court in Georgia against the owners of the Colonial Pipeline.  Recall that the Colonial Pipeline supplies the east coast of the United States with gasoline.  The pipeline is a critical part of U.S. petroleum infrastructure, transporting around 2.5 million barrels per day of gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil and jet fuel.  It stretches 5,500 miles and carries nearly half of the East Coast’s fuel supply.  Last month, a ransomware attack carried out by cybercriminals crippled the Colonial Pipeline’s functionality.  The Pipeline was taken offline as a remedial measure, causing significant gasoline shortages across the Eastern United States.

The panelists (including CPW’s Kristin Bryan and Ericka Johnson) covered the cybersecurity, supply chain and litigation considerations companies need to know to mitigate their risks arising from cyber incidents.


The presentation materials are also available here.