As covered by Glenn A. BrownKyle DullKyle Fath and Alan Friel at SPB, “on July 19, the Office of the Attorney General of California (OAG) issued a press release summarizing its first year of CCPA enforcement. Seventy-five percent of companies receiving a notice to cure are said to have come into compliance within the 30-day cure period, with 25% reportedly still within that period or under ongoing investigation. The OAG also published summaries of 27 resolved exemplary cases. The OAG was careful to note that the summaries do not constitute advice and do not include all of the facts, however they do offer some insights. Disappointingly, however, the summaries often lack enough detail to allow readers to surmise the enforcement posture that was taken by the OAG, the exact nature of the alleged violations, or the specific actions taken by the company that satisfied the OAG’s inquiry.”

Read their full analysis here, which also discusses how the OAG announced the launch of a new consumer complaint tool that allows consumers to answer certain gating questions to create a notice of noncompliance that can be sent to a business.

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