As readers of CPW already know, in a development that will bring dramatic changes to the California data privacy realm, on November 3, 2020, a majority of Californians voted to approve a new ballot initiative – Proposition 24, or the “California Privacy Rights Act of 2020” (“CPRA”).  You can read the fantastic analysis prepared by CPW’s Lydia de la Torre, Glenn A. Brown, Elliot Golding and Ann J. LaFrance here.

Well folks, one of the main changes brought about by the California Privacy Rights Act is the establishment of the California Privacy Protection Agency (“CPPA”) as an “independent watchdog” whose mission is both to “vigorously enforce” the CPRA and “ensure that businesses and consumers are well‐informed about their rights and obligations.”  Following up on that initial piece, Lydia de la Torre and Glenn A. Brown prepared an incredible, must read analysis as to how, with passage of the CPRA, “the CPPA is set to become a key privacy regulator not only in California, but across the U.S. and the globe”.  Check it out here.